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Box Shop

Ensuring you pack your possessions properly not only gives you the peace of mind your goods are protected, but it can also make the process of moving quicker and less stressful.

Our range has been carefully selected to ensure we provide all the materials you need. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our range and help the environment. Our products are tested thoroughly before being offered to our customers, to ensure we have taken every measure.

Our cardboard boxes come in a range of sizes. Smaller boxes are ideal for packing and moving heavier items such as books, DVD`s etc, whereas our large wardrobe boxes help transport lighter items such as clothing. You'll find essentials to make packing and unpacking as easy as possible in our packing accessories shop. Take extra care when moving those precious ornaments, by clearly labelling that box with fragile tape or save confusion as to where each box goes, by marking it with a marker pen! Keep soft furnishings and electrical items clean with our protective covers.

Want to come and purchase something from the Box Shop? Simply call or email to schedule a visit.

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